Aline Rosseto / Vns Vinicius

With a preview announced last week, Vns Vinicius announces release with a date set for 07/20/2020 and sung in the beautiful voice of Aline Rosseto. The new single entitled “Lost Forever” addresses the controversial theme that has become common today: depression! This disease that causes a deep sadness and the loss of the will to live

The new track is a song with instrumental rich in instruments, in the expressive notes of the piano, the formed atmosphere describes the theme transporting us inside the melody and after many years that was composed, in the month of June 2020 the recordings of the track Lost Forever have been finalized. The new track created at the beginning of the year 2000 that was performed by the band Living Heaven, today with updated instrumentals reaches the world of Streaming in the guitarist’s solo career!

RELEASED: 07/20/2020

Stay tuned for more information and watch the preview of the new single!

Sobre vnsviniciustgr

Músico multi instrumentista, intérprete e produtor fonográfico. Sou o guitarrista conhecido como VNS Vinicius The Guitar Ripping, o som das guitarras que rasgam com sintetizações escolhidas a dedo que ilustram minha discografia pessoal.
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