2020 – Leave Your Prison (Single)

Released on 20/02/2020, the new song arrives in full force with the powerful vocal of Eliezer, the heavy heavy metal played with the guitars of VNS Vinicius that further increase the weight in relation to his previous works, now completed with the keyboards by composer Juliano Zante that cause a powerful tension in the music atmosphere. “Leave Your Prison” is a song that addresses the theme mental prison, according to guitarist Vns Vinicius (composer of the work): many people go through this, feeling that their routines are suffocating, that something prevents them from being happy and having prosperity. This song is a set of own experiences that have been transformed into an incentive for the masses, not to be overwhelmed by people who think that work is to destroy others, we must motivate ourselves to live, we create our own prison, if something is not right and you feel stuck, so it’s time to break the chains!

Eliezer/VNS Vinicius/Juliano Zante

The fruit of this work together is the debut for Eliezer and Juliano, being their first work released worldwide on all streaming platforms on the planet. The new single has a video clip on YouTube with versions for Facebook and Instagram:

Leave Your Prison (Lyric Vídeo)

Available on all streaming platforms on the planet, here are some links to hear the new work:

Sobre vnsviniciustgr

Músico multi instrumentista, intérprete e produtor fonográfico. Sou o guitarrista conhecido como VNS Vinicius The Guitar Ripping, o som das guitarras que rasgam com sintetizações escolhidas a dedo que ilustram minha discografia pessoal.
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